Traditional Eastern Thought

Eastern philosophy, it has widely spread in South Asia, North Asia and East Asia. Oriental philosophy includes: Taoism thought, Tibetan tantra, Buddhism, zen, shaman, Confucianism,Neo-Confucianism,Shinto,Hindu,Sikh,Jainism and so on.

Chinese people talk about the Oriental culture(thought):
Oriental culture mainly refers to the region, including parts of north Africa’s traditional culture.
East was a relative of the geographical concept, countries at a different location in history, its alleged Oriental is different. Since modern times, and gradually formed a consensus established, namely the European region of east Asia (mainly) called the east, such as Japan, Korea, India, and southeast Asia, Arab and other countries and regional culture. In the modern, the east and in the political and economic aspects of the concept of meaning. Such as call for western capitalist society, the economic developed countries in the world, according to the socialist society, the economy is not developed countries to the east, and so on.
We understand the east, and more from the cultural level of understanding. Here mainly refers to the Oriental culture in Asia, the history of traditional culture, including parts of Africa region. Chinese culture is the idea that the most representative in the Oriental culture and philosophy.